Super Spinner Tree Hanging Kit... with confidence!

Have a tree? Create a Super Spinner tree swing! The Super Spinner Tree Hanging Kit includes a rope, stainless steel rope adjuster, and locking safety clip. The kit makes it easy to adjust the height and level of your tree swing. All you need is the hanging kit and a sturdy 10”-12” diameter branch (tree not included!)

A swing is only as strong as the rope you use; our stainless steel rope adjuster has been safety tested to hold up to 1200 lbs. Choose from rope lengths of 5’,10’,20’, or 40’ to easily adjust the length to a chosen height. Long or short arching swings are finally available with the same hanging kit! Whether you prefer a fast and exciting swing or a slow and steady swing, this hanging kit can provide hours of entertainment or relaxation.

Installation is easy and instructions are included. If you can tie a knot, you can hang your swing with this easy-to-use tree swing hanging kit. Once installation of the Super Spinner Tree Hanging Kit is complete, follow instructions for your particular swing product and spin and swing with confidence!! Made in the USA.