Super Spinner is super fun and super safe! Spin, swing, whirl
and twirl!

Super Spinner puts a on the backyard swing!

It’s a safe alternative to a kid’s tire swing that both parents and kids will love.

Super Spinner is a patented design that is easy to set up and safe to use on either swing sets or trees. It’s super strong and features UV-resistant ropes and a comfy, curved seat design that coaxes riders into the center. Super Spinner can hold up to 200 pounds and Super Duper Spinner holds up to 650 pounds! It’s all the fun of the park at home for kids and families alike; for ages 3 and up. Made in the USA.

Discover All Super Spinner Products!

Super Spinner

Our swing lets kids swing and spin for double the fun!

Super Duper Spinner

A spinning swing large enough for your kids and their friends!

Tree Hanging Kit

Our tree kit makes it super easy to adjust your height and level.

How Do I Hang It?

The Super Spinner is easy to both install and maintain. Everything you need to attach it to a swing set is included in the box and in just a few minutes your kids will be having a great time. With some additional hardware and rope, you can also affix it to a load bearing tree branch between 7′ and 40′ high.

How Does it Spin?

The Super Spinner spins by simply winding it up!  You can hang it by using one point, like the Super Tree Swing Hanging Kit (that works great!) or hang it from two points like on a swing set.  Then just wind it tight and let the kids spin.  The tighter you wind the more they spin - they will love it!


Whether your child prefers to swing or spin – they’ll love the Super Spinner… and so will you! Hear from parents whose families are having an all-new kind of outdoor fun!

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