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How Platform Tree Swings Benefit Kids Physically and Mentally

According to recent statistics, most American children under the age of 11 don’t exercise as frequently as they should. Even less do so outdoors. Outdoor exercise has been shown to improve children’s physical and mental well-being. It also helps them develop cognitive, creative, and emotional abilities. Ultimately, participating in healthy outdoor exercise habits, such as unstructured playtime using a platform tree swing, helps kids develop healthy lifestyle habits as adults.

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Why You Should Consider an Autism Therapy Swing

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 1 in 86 children in the U.S. is born with a condition that falls somewhere within the Autism spectrum. This spectrum ranges from minor forms of the disorder, which allow children to enjoy a high level of functionality, to serious forms which require therapeutic intervention. However, the intervention doesn’t always have to take place in clinical settings. In fact, it can occur in the child’s backyard with the use of a special autism therapy swing.

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How to Approach Outdoor Activities with a Creative Twist

Sometimes children grow bored with the same old outdoor activities and instead turn to video games and TV to stay entertained. This spring, inspire your child’s creativity with a fresh, new take on outdoor activities. With the convenient appeal of videogames and television inundating our society, it’s no surprise that kids are spending more time inside and less time developing important social skills they can get only from play. Give your children an exciting new reason to get back outside with these creative outdoor games.

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Weight Loss For Children | Make Healthy Choices!

Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30 years—18% of children aged 6 to 11 years in the U.S. are considered obese, while nearly one in three children are overweight. In contrast, only 7% of children in 1980 were considered obese. Today, weight loss for children is an important topic for discussion among parents, schools, and health professionals.

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Toy Safety Tips | Learn To Keep Your Little Ones Safe

Looking for the best toy safety tips? You’re not alone. Toy safety is a prime concern of parents everywhere, and as parents ourselves, we totally understand. As the creators of the Super Spinner, we have considered safety a top concern and priority since day 1, which is why we have worked tirelessly to design our unique swing with the absolute safest materials and construction in mind.

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Fun Summer Activities for Kids | Start Planning Today

Some of the best childhood memories are made in the summer. The kids are thrilled to be out of school, but boredom can set in quickly if you don’t plan ahead. While you don’t want to set a strict schedule – summer is all about freedom after all – you do want to have some activities in mind for those times when the kids are bouncing off the walls. Here are some fun summer activities for kids that are affordable and suitable for a wide range of ages.