The Super Swing Your Kids are Guaranteed to Love!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do kids need free play time every day?

According to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, children need at least 60 minutes of active play every day. This is important for cardiovascular and muscular health and to establish good habits for long and healthy lives. Get the kids back outside with the Super Spinner!

What ages is the Super Spinner recommended for?

The Super Spinner is recommended for kids ages three and up.

How high should the Super Spinner hang off the ground?

The Super Spinner Swing should be installed at a height of at least 8” from the ground.

How does installation and maintenance work?

The Super Spinner is easy to both install and maintain. Everything that you need to attach it to a swing set is included in the box and in just a few minutes your kids will be spinning, swinging and having a great time. With some additional hardware and rope, you can also affix it to a load bearing tree branch between 6′ and 27′ high (a Tree Swing Hanging Kit will be needed for heights beyond 7’).

Maintenance is as simple as rinsing the Super Spinner with a hose. Unlike a traditional tire swing, there are no troughs for water, dirt, and leaves to build up. The Super Spinner even has a drainage hole to ensure it doesn't hold any dirty rain water, so it’s ready for playtime in any type of weather.

Is Super Spinner adjustable?

Yes. The length of the Super Spinner rope can be adjusted between approximately 5′ and 7′ (from top of the carabiner to the seat).

How does it work?

The Super Spinner can be used for all different types of play—spinning, sitting, standing—and it is even strong enough to accommodate multiple riders.

How safe is the Super Spinner?

Super Spinners are made from BPA-free plastic, performance-tested stainless steel, and polypropylene rope coated with UV protection. Each Super Spinner can hold up to 200 pounds and includes internal reinforcement for added support.

How Does it Spin?

The Super Spinner spins by simply winding it up! You can hang it by using one point, like the Tree Swing Hanging Kit (that works great!) or hang it from two points like on a swing set. Then just wind it tight and let the kids spin. The tighter you wind the more they spin - they will love it!

Why choose Super Spinner for your family?

Oh, there are so many reasons! 

  • It’s fun, like a tree swing, only more comfortable and cleaner! 

  • It’s super strong, which makes it safer than traditional swings 

  • The curved design coaxes little ones to the middle for safety 

  • It’s easy to hang, and can be hung on your swing set or from a tree! 

  • Adjustable ropes allow you to set the height to the desired position

  • Not only does it swing, it SPINS! And the spinning is smooth and fun, unlike traditional swings 

  • The center hole allows water to drain, so no sitting in puddles! 

  • Its strong rope and plastic holds up to 200 pounds

  • Kids love this’s like having a park right in their own backyard!

  • Encourages healthy outdoor activity! 

  • Easily adjusts to a height just for you!

  • Choose your favorite color

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